You can choose between private lessons and five day freestyle courses.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are more ideal for guests you want a first taste of freestyle. We’ll teach you all the basics of riding in the snowpark to make sure you can improve and progress safely, quickly and easily whilst having as much fun as possible! Private lessons are available for booking throughout the whole winter season.

Freestyle Courses

The freestyle courses, like private lessons, offer the basics but also include other activities to help your progression - freestyle coordination training, video coaching and physical conditioning. With these added activities you will be able to learn bigger tricks - off-axis rotations, flips and a whole lot more - in a safe and exciting way. These courses are available at selected times during the season.


Please make sure that you have the right freestyle equipment for the lesson!

  • Helmet and back-protector are mandatory!
  • Skiers - twintip skis (curved up at the front and the back)
  • Snowboarders - freestyle snowboard

You can rent your freestyle equimpent on the following locations:


The meetingpoint of our courses, or private lessons are at the entrence of the Planai Superpark.

The meetingpoint of the courses is at 9:45 am!!

meetinpoint for the courses and private lessons at the Superpark entrence  meetinpoint for the courses and private lessons at the Superpark entrence


Freestyle Ski
Jetel Honza
Freestyle Ski
Florian Müller
Kathrin Gappmayr
Freestyle Ski
Freestyle Ski